Children Traffic Corps

"With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything" - Antoine Griezmann Success is proportional to the hard work, perseverance, focus and sweat. It's an honour for ACHARIYA BALA SIKSHA MANDIR to receive "The Best School of the Year-2022" by Education Icon Awards for it's daring attempts to pursue the burgeoning dreams with ardour and excitement. We thank the almighty and our MD Ji for the blessings and guidance.

Children Traffic Corps

Each and every year, the Pondicherry Traffic Police imparts training to 88 students of 11 various schools in Pondicherry Region with Traffic Rules & Regulations like Parking, No Parking, Use of Speed Breakers and Traffic Signs, provisions of Motor Vehicles Act, Accident Prevention tips, Tips for motorcyclists. Tips for Cyclists, Accident Scene, Traffic Control, etc. under "Children Traffic Corps" training scheme for creating Traffic Awareness among young generation as a Road Safety measure. They are also trained about saluting, marching in threes and are being allowed to participate in the Republic Day Ceremonial Parade. 16 students from ACHARIYA BALA SIKSHA MANDIR attended this training for the last one month after the school hours and got the opportunity to be a part of the Independence Day parade today. And we feel proud to announce that our boys CTC Team achieves the First Prize&Trophy in the best category march past. Chief Minister of Puducherry Shri.N.Rangasamy presented the Trophy to our team in the Independence Day event today.
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Every year 21st June is observed as the International Day of Yoga, which raises awareness about the benefits of mind and body practice. It's also a day to encourage people around the world to engage in Yoga. We, Achariyans always have a special bonding towards our mind transformation through yoga. Joining hands globally, ACHARIYA Bala Siksha Mandir students actively participate in the International Yoga Day Events.

Alumini Reconnect

To everyone, school days are considered as the best days of their life and people cherish the sweet memories. Life forces us to bid adieu to our school life and travel in different directions in a voyage of higher studies and better prospects. When you carve your time out to meet your school friends again altogether is a dream come true and certainly a 'paradise on earth' moment. ACHARIYA BalaSiksha Mandir campus turned into a paradise when all previous batch students gathered together through a program 'Reconnect'. This program was designed to bridge the flawed relationship with each other.

Drawing competition

Drawing and coloring are visual arts and these competitions allow everyone to uncover their natural talents in sketching and illustrations. Competitions like these give a chance to budding artists of all hues to showcase their skills and experience a diverse form of learning which they might not otherwise have access to. Competitions allow the participants to test out their creative ideas in a risk-free manner. This allows for learning and growing as artists. All of this can be life-changing for any participants who aspire to be in the creative field where new ideas and new ways of thinking are deeply cherished.AchariyaBalaSiksha Mandir provides ample opportunities to acquaint to go beyond the horizon. This helps the students to hone and redefine their skills in visual-spatial intelligence.

Skill Assessment

School projects can give the gifted child the opportunity to dive deeper and challenge themselves in an academic area while also allowing the student that struggles with written tests to reveal the acquired knowledge in a hands-on, creative way.Projects expand students’ knowledge and hone their skill to the next level. Though Covid-19 and its aftermath curtailed the students’ modus operandi, we ACHARIYA, Thengaithittu bounced back to our routine as fresh as a daisy and conducted Skill Project on 14-March (Grade-1 to 5) and 15-March (Grade 6-8). Individual Academic Skill and WoW Skilling Assessment of the students were done by the parents for 50 marks.

Zastra Academic

In order to inculcate confidence and crucial presentation skills, AchariyaBalaSiksha Mandir conducts Science Exhibitions and Fairs at regular interval. Zastra, ws the science fair in which more than 550 students from 38 different schools participated and presented their ideas and inventions. Through theis event AchariyaBalaSiksha Mandir set an exceptional platform for students to engage in active learning and develop sufficient science literacy . Mr. Unnat Pandit, Director of Atal Innovation Mission(AIM) graced the program and appreciated the students who took up innovative initiatives, startups and programs. He addressed the students on multidimensional planning and expansion of AIM programs. Mr. Kanagasabapathy, Member of ICSSR &Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi) graced the event and encouraged the students.

World Record

Backed by committed teachers and inspiring school heads, ACHARIYA BAKA SIKSHA MANDIR has always been delivering education of the highest standards to our students.


Backed by committed teachers and inspiring school heads, ACHARIYA BAKA SIKSHA MANDIR has always been delivering education of the highest standards to our students.